A New Concept for a Dream



by Mayr © 2012

Little girls, little girls, happy at play

Little pearls, little pearls, they obey

Innocent, lovable easily led astray

Sisters  now fully Grown

Journey through the unknown

Searching for where to start

Come and Heed the call of the Ladyheart

Ladyheart, Ladyheart, shattered dreams

Ladyheart, Ladyheart, silent screams

Giving your heart away fully to hungry wolves

(fighting fighting fighting biting biting biting)

We are strong and stand to fight

We will kick defend with might

We will be honored

We will be heard

Sisters together Band

Ladyheart, Ladyheart, with new dreams

Ladyheart, Ladyheart, no more screams

We will survive from the lust of the hungry wolves

 Come with me we’ll fix the issue

Throw away that soiled tissue

Join with me we’ll band together

As a group embrace the weather

As a force we’ll climb the ropes

Working hard we’ll learn to cope

Riding together

Each as a feather

All on the wings of Love

 Ladyheart, Ladyheart, build new dreams

Ladyheart, Ladyheart, sister regimes

Together we will learn how to dance with the wolves

Comments on: "Ladyheart" (2)

  1. beautiful lyrics. I can’t wait to hear it with the music………

  2. xoxo … will send a link … having technical issues with the video …doh! The energy of 9/11??

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