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Back from Vacation

You don’t really know what you have until you lose it! For me, having the full use of my body again after losing the ability to use my right arm and hand for a week, then throwing my back out, well, it’s nothing short of a miracle.


It was a pretty weird experience for sure. I had just been through an enormous emotional hurricane and getting ill brought everything I was working on up to that time, (composing new music, writing, teaching, new audio and video projects), to a screeching halt! It began with a throbbing pain in my right arm one evening. By the next morning the pain had expanded from the mid arm and engulfed my entire right shoulder. I was diagnosed 25 years ago with bursitis, but I haven’t had a flare up in decades.


Within two days, the pain was so intense; I couldn’t raise my arm more than 20 degrees, if even that. As the days went on, and after keeping my arm somewhat stable and on a heating pad, it wasn’t getting better. With the help of my left hand to place my right on the keyboard pain or not, I’m a householder and had to continue working. After a few more days, I had to stop all activity. At this point, I couldn’t lift my arm or open my hand, let alone move my fingers. What the heck was this? It was inflammation! The stress from the recent emotional hurricane, triggered my auto-immune disorder; the inflammation took root in my right arm. Being right handed, the loss of my right arm meant I would have to use my left to pick up the load.


I was beginning to feel nervous. How was I going to drive to pick up groceries from the store?  How would I care for my family? I had to make adjustments and my family was going to have to step up and help me. I cover the domestic engineer responsibilities during school hours, to support my daughter’s learning and studying needs. She has the weekends to focus on chores. As it happened, the timing of this event transpired before the new school year embarked. It was my body’s way of communicating that it needed a vacation to heal before getting into the daily routine of a new school season. I was to use that time to shut my systems down for self repair.

The physical pain of this episode was draining my energy. I had to flush the toxins and fill up on the Eros Touch. I shut down all communication; no emails, no calls, nothing for a few days. I cocooned myself in my lair and just honed in on things to make me laugh, feel happy and inspired. I waited out the storm. Within a few days, along with soups, fresh fruits, veggies, smoothies, juices and vitamin supplements,  the storm passed, the inflammation subsided, and I made a full recovery.


Whenever I get sick, I feel guilty because I’m not well enough to take care of my small family, let alone myself! But getting sick is nature’s way of saying, you need a vacation. You need to do something that makes you feel better. You need to get away from something to really appreciate it when you come back.  Being able to exercise, practice yoga, ballet, drive the car, carry bags of groceries up a flight of stairs … have flexibility and strength in my body … is a gift I cherish even more now that I’m fully recovered. I am so grateful not only for the experience, but the reminder just how much I take for granted … like the use of my hands, my legs, my eyes. I am also appreciative of the experience, because the next time I feel unloved or unsupported, I will remember that one of my biggest and best supporter’s is my body. It has journeyed gallantly with me all these years, in spite of all the crap I expose it to internally and externally. Once again I am smiling as I take a moment to appreciate the healing effects of the eros touch.

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  1. Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey said:

    Glad to hear that you are feelig better and writing again.



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