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Accessing that Eros Touch Energy

Been out of the blogging scene for a bit due to other projects, but finally have a few moments today to check in and focus on the Eros Touch project.

The Eros Touch concept was an idea I had as a tool to work on tapping into loving energy and spreading that energy around me. It starts with one person, with one idea and putting it into daily action, changing the way I perceive myself as well as the beautiful world we live in. Well that’s all fine and said, but putting it into practice daily is another story.

Like so much of us today, I spent far too much time being in a state of anger. So much so, that as soon as I woke up, I began thinking about all the things that teed me off. I had to find a way to switch gears and put my mind in a better space because it was affecting my health. The first step on the road to change was adding daily meditation and exercise back into my schedule. I already made significant dietary changes when I embraced a vegetarian cuisine in 1990. I used to practice daily meditation and exercise, but death and divorce at that time, affected me so deeply, that I wasn’t able to keep up with any spiritual practice. My heartstrings had been shattered and like Jet Li in the movie Fearless, I went into a sort of “self exile,” self reflection space to set up a new nest, as well as figure out a plan for the next phase of my life.

I used to say my prayers first thing in the morning and at bed every night as a kid. As I grew up, I found praying to a grandpa like image of God I envisioned as a kid, no longer seemed applicable as an adult. As my religious beliefs expanded, I grew more confused about prayer and whom or what to focus my prayers on. Guided meditation helped me plug back into the spirit of praying. Once I realized I didn’t need to have an image of a deity or Saint to pray to, it was easy to get back into the swing of things.

As a theatre major in college, my acting classes included movement and guided relaxation exercises. It was there I first learned how to relax, listen and trust my instructor to take me on a guided journey of the mind. Guided meditation has been a huge help to me in transforming the energy of anger, into an attitude of gratitude; in everything I do and touch. That college experience made it easier for me look into meditation as a way to tap into a more relaxed state, where I can then focus my intent on being in a state of  LOVE, and visualize what it would be like responding to everything (good and bad) from a state of love, compassion and self awareness at all times, in every situation with everything I do and touch.   If I imagine it, I can then begin to live it.

The Eros Touch — new era has begun on my journey to self transformation.