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The Concept for an Idea is Born

Fairy tales have always been a popular way to teach and inspire. One that has always intrigued me is the story of King Midas. I mean, how cool would it be to have the power to transform something into gold. I’d never have to worry about finances again! The tragic aspect of course, was that he inadvertently turned his child into a gold statue. That pretty much put a damper on things. But like every good tale worth telling, that was part of the story’s lesson.

The power of alchemy would truly be a valuable tool in one’s arsenal. All right, so I don’t have the Midas touch, I do however, have something more precious and valuable than gold. I have within me, the power of love. What if, instead of touching everything with the intent of turning it into gold, I touch everything with the intent of giving it more love? That doesn’t seem so far fetched. I have the power to do that! And so, the *Eros Touch idea was born.

Now, instead of feeling bummed I don’t have the Midas touch, I am joyful and appreciative of the power I DO have — the power of love. I can focus my imagination on zapping loving energy to everything I touch: The Eros Touch. Wow! What kind of effect would that have on me, my family, my friends, my animal companions, and the environment? The more I thought about it, the more sense  it made. I couldn’t wait to implement this idea into my life.

Great spiritual teachers, both modern and ancient (Zoroaster, Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Gary Zukav, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckhardt Tolle, Byron Katie, etc.) all profess that LOVE is the answer.

I know I can’t change others. I do have the ability, though, to change me. The first step is realizing I have the power within me, at every given moment. All I have to do is stop, take a moment, open my mind, get centered, and tap into it: my connection to God;  the force;  Source; LOVE. Once I am in that space of giving and receiving unconditional love … I can begin to implement … The Eros Touch!

(*Eros is the Greek word for love).

An Introduction

Life doesn’t always feel like a bowl full of cherries. In fact, its starting to feel more like rotten tomatoes! What up with that? I came to the conclusion I’ve experienced life that way because I’ve been pissed off for pretty much a long time now; longer than I really cared to acknowledge.  Even though I was ignoring it, living by the proverbial river “D’Nile,” my body was communicating loud and clear through “dis-ease!” I had to go to the root of the problem and do the real work my body needed to heal. That meant, I had to do a whole ‘lotta digging; decades worth of “crud to sift through!” The more I probed, the more I realized, I’ve held on to things I was mad about, well ever since I can remember.  I had become an “anger hoarder!

I vividly remember as a preschooler, I was always smiling, enthusiastic, and very excited about life.  I laughed a lot, played a lot and had loads of fun.  Those years were filled with awesome experiences, because I didn’t hold on to any anger then.  Things began to change in elementary school when I became more conscious of my surroundings.  I remember feeling sad and hurt a lot more.  I got hurt when someone hit me.  I got hurt when someone lied.  I got hurt when I was betrayed.  I didn’t know at the time, I was living in an abusive environment.  Everyone there was in a perpetual state of anger and pain, so toxicity was normal.

After high school, when I moved out of the family “mad” house, I created my own.  I remember in college, after another intense breakup with a boyfriend, my girlfriends and I jokingly said we were going to form a club to celebrate all the disastrous relationships we survived.  We were going to call ourselves The Bitter Bitches of America!  We never did, but the feelings we were expressing were real!  We were mad we invested in people that broke our hearts and seem to do so with little respect and compassion.

That was  just more stuff to add to my ever growing list of things that ticked me off!  I was mad at my family for teaching me abusive behavior was accepted and normal.  I was mad at the abusive relationships I attracted; boyfriends, bosses and girlfriends.  It seemed everyone was here to teach me about betrayal, lies  and cheating.  I thought it was normal because  everyone in my inner circle behaved that way.  The truth was, I was operating from those belief systems and focused my energy on those who were like minded.  I didn’t understand that concept at the time.  Each year that went by, I just kept getting angrier and didn’t even realize it.

I had moments and events throughout my life that were joyous and happy; but I didn’t focus on the happiness.  I focused on what made me mad when things went wrong disregarding the happiness I felt.  Then the granddaddy of all events happened and I focused all my anger and bitterness on it, the big D! Divorce has that effect, especially when you are a new mom with a two-year-old, facing parenthood alone.  Anger, betrayal, shock; those measly emotions didn’t hold a candle to the rage I was feeling over the divorce! Yup … many, many, years of anger had built up.  Something had to give!

The science of anger is complex, from the emotional to the physical.  When I began to manifest my negative emotions through disease, I understood it was spirit’s way of getting me to listen and look inward for solutions.  So began the real communion work on me.

Up to that point, all spiritual roads I learned about, led me back to GOD; that inner place of safety and love. I discovered this from the teachings of each of the major religions I learned about and studied on my own spiritual quest. These religions confirmed to me that the paths are many, but the message is the same: Love is the way.

In an effort to heal the anger I was hoarding and to be the best mom I could for my daughter, I had to learn how to be the best person I could towards myself, first.  I had to learn to stop beating up on myself, the way I had learned to, by those closest to me, that taught me abusive behavior was “normal.”

So with that in mind, inspired by the teachings and meditations from the best of the best (ancient and modern teachers) I set out to create a way for me to heal and share my experience with others, who like myself, are tired of being angry and just want to feel at peace to love and enjoy life again.

I had to learn how to transform the energy of anger I harbored, into an attitude of gratitude, in everything I do and touch.  In doing so, a new era for me has begun, the era of The Eros Touch. This is my ongoing journey to a life of wholeness and my commitment to sharing and spreading The Eros Touch .